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This page updated Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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Audio Interviews

Download and listen to interviews with Allen Bryan, Bill Hennes, Bob Cline, Dan Mason, Ken Douglas, Terrell Metheny (Mitch Michael), Steve Warren and Dottie Knight.

DJ and Station Tributes

Go to pages dedicated to Bill Bailey, Paul Cowley and Hutch.

Ernie Gudridge Special Recognition

The former WKLO general manager recognizes Terrell Metheny, Allen Bryan, Bruce Clark and Bill Hennes. Included is reaction from several ex-1080-ers.

Toys for Tots Concerts

From 1962 through 1975 WKLO and the Marine Corps sponsored annual Toys for Tots Concerts in Louisville. Just by donating a toy for a needy youngster one could attend one of these shows -- with a mix of local and national musical acts -- at no additional cost. Among articles and photos from the WKLO Toys for Tots shows, this page lists the artist lineups for each year and lets you hear studio clips of the performers.

WAKY-WKLO 2005 Reunion Page

On Wednesday night, July 13, 2005, dozens of former WAKY and WKLO employees gathered -- along with family and friends -- to remember the time spent at Louisville's two great Top 40 stations of the '60s and '70s. Along with renewing old friendships, we honored one of the Derby City's greatest DJs, Bill Bailey. See photos and download audio here.

WAKY-WKLO 2006 Reunion Page

The second WAKY-WKLO reunion was held on Saturday night, August 5, 2006 at Louisville's Clifton Center. Unlike the previous year's event, this reunion was open to the public and served as a fundraiser for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Kentuckiana. Honored were the curator of the WAKY and WKLO tribute sites as well as former WAKY PD Johnny Randolph (who also worked at WKLO). View pictures and get audio here.

WKLO in Print

Read newspaper and magazine articles about WKLO, its personalities and Louisville radio.

More WKLO Features

Access links to letters, ratings, and format clocks -- as well as find out what WKLO's old frequency and call letters are being used for today.