WKLO Airchecks
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All WKLO airchecks on this page are in in MP3 format. After the composites and reunion shows, they're sorted by the DJ's or newsman's last name.

Do you have any WKLO airchecks we can add to this page? Drop us a line. We'll be happy to archive to CD any WKLO tapes we don't already have at no charge.

WKLO 1969 21st Birthday Show
This show was originally broadcast in 1969 to commemorate WKLO's 21st anniversary.
Besides lots of old country music, you can hear part of WKLO's first broadcast.
Bob Henry narrates the show with an appearance by then-GM Ernie Gudridge.
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31:58 - 11,242 KB
WKLO Composites
Hear the WKLO jocks and newspeople bring in 1972 with fun in this produced countdown piece. Among the voices are Chuck Brady, Lee Gray, J. Paul Townsend, Mark Elliot and Brother Love.
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3:11 - 1120 KB
This 1972 composite appeared on Volume 1, Issue 13 of Programmer's Digest (dated January 29, 1973.) It's narrated by Program Director Bill Hennes. Jocks included were Lee Gray, Bill Love, Mike Rivers, Tom Kennedy, Jonathan Stone, and J.J. Wright.
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11:34 - 4067 KB
From August 1972 comes this 'KLO composite. The lineup was Lee Gray, Mark Elliot, Chuck Brady, Brother Love, Jonathan Stone and J.J. Wright.
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17:08 - 6026 KB
This 1973 composite features Bill Love, Tom Kennedy, Mike Rivers, Gary Major, Ron Lake and Dan Mason.
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22:56 - 8068 KB

WKLO Reunion
On June 21/22,  1991, WDJX-AM (the former 1080 WKLO) presented an on-air reunion of WKLO personnel -- and we're fortunate to have part of it. (If you have segments we don't, please let us know!) These are not necessarily in chronological order.
Note: Airchecks used during the reunion that are already on this site have been edited out.
Segment 1 features Rusty Rodgers, Bob Cline, Shirley Smith,
Carolyn Davidson, Jackson Smith (Gary Griffin) and Mike Hurlander.
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24:34 - 8639 KB
Segment 2 features Bob Cline and Allen Bryan.
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15:29 - 5445 KB
Segment 3 features Bob Cline and Allen Bryan.
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20:28 - 7200 KB
Segment 4 features Bob Cline, Allen Bryan and "Hitman" Mac Hunter plus a remote from the Ranch House in New Albany with Johnny Randolph, Ike Smith and many others. 
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16:40 - 5865 KB
Segment 5 features "Hitman" Mac Hunter plus more of the remote from the Ranch House in New Albany with Bob Cline, Bo Brady (Tad Murray), Jackson Smith and others. 
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22:35 - 7942 KB
Segment 6 features "Hitman" Mac Hunter and Mason Lee Dixon as the remote from the Ranch House in New Albany continues with Jackson Smith, Ed Phillips, Ike Smith and others. 
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28:33 - 10,039 KB
Segment 7 features Mason Lee Dixon and a surprise visit from WHAS' Terry Meiners.
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17:20 - 6098 KB
Segment 8 features Mason Lee Dixon and Rusty Rodgers.
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18:27 - 6488 KB
Segment 9 features Bob Cline, Gary Major and Jackson Smith -- plus an entertaining behind-the-scenes "Last Days of WKLO" presentation. 
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30:47 - 10,824 KB
Segment 10 features Bo Brady, Bill Love, Dickie Braun and a recorded bit from Bill Hennes
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21:30 - 7559 KB
Segment 11 features Bo Brady, Dickie Braun, Bill Love and Mark Travis.
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18:36 - 6542 KB
Segment 12 features Bo Brady, Dickie Braun, Bill Love, Bob Cline, Allen Bryan and Reed Yadon.
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28:54 - 10,161 KB
Segment 13 features Bo Brady, Dickie Braun, Bob Cline, Allen Bryan and Pete Boyce.
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18:22 - 6463 KB
Segment 14 features Bo Brady, Dickie Braun and a Bo Brady aircheck with Lee Gray.
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24:44 - 8696 KB
Segment 15 features Bob Cline and Ron Chilton.
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15:06 - 5313 KB
Segment 15 features Bob Cline, Jim Russell and an aircheck of Wolfman Jack on WKLO.
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15:59 - 5313 KB
Segment 16 features Bob Cline and Jim Russell.
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22:18 - 7845 KB
Segment 17 features Bob Cline, Jackson Smith, Bruce Clark and Pete Boyce.
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29:46 - 10,467 KB
Segment 18 features Bob Cline, Bruce Clark, Pete Boyce, Randy Atcher and an aircheck of the legendary Chuck Lyons.
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11:58 - 4213 KB
Segment 19 features Bob Cline, Rusty Rodgers and Mason Lee Dixon.
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11:58 - 4213 KB
Segment 20 features Mason Lee Dixon, Coyote Calhoun and Bob Cline.
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18:26 - 6485 KB
Segment 21 features Mason Lee Dixon, Bo Brady, Bill Love,
Jackson Smith, Rusty Rodgers and Bob Cline.
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17:16 - 6485 KB
Segment 22 features the last few minutes of the WKLO reunion on WDJX-AM.
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15:51 - 5576 KB
Segment 23 features Mac Hunter, Mason Lee Dixon, Rusty Rodgers and Reed Yadon.
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15:41 - 5518 KB
Segment 24 features Mason Lee Dixon, Jackson Smith, Rusty Rodgers and Bo Brady.
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13:13 - 4651 KB
Segment 25 features Mason Lee Dixon, Ike Smith and Jackson Smith.
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19:12 - 6751 KB
Segment 26 features Mason Lee Dixon, Ike Smith, Rusty Rodgers and Rich Gimmel.
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16:45 - 5889 KB
Segment 27 features Mac Hunter.
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7:21 - 2587 KB
Segment 28 features Mason Dixon, Jackson Smith and Mark Steven Williams plus airchecks of WCII's Large Larry and Charlie O'Neal.
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12:57 - 4553 KB
Segment 29 features Mason Lee Dixon and Coyote Calhoun.
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16:24 - 5770 KB

Bill Bailey
Bill serves up AM drive on May 19, 1967 with newsman Allen Bryan.
(Only the songs are scoped in this pristine line-check.)
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45:53 - 21,513 KB
The Duke wakes up Derby Town on January 23, 1968.
(The songs are scoped; all commercials and newscasts are intact.)
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16:39 - 5857 KB
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17:23 - 6116 KB
Here's Bill on April 15, 1969.
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8:09 - 2870 KB
Hear part of Bill's final WKLO show in 1969.
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35:01 - 12,314 KB
Ed Bowman
These rare airchecks were contributed by Gary Fox who writes:

"These airchecks are actually from 33 1/3, 12" records. I bought them on eBay at a price of $16.50. They are called Microlac Records, and appear to be made of aluminum with a coating of vinyl. Five are recorded and three are blank. Three were not labeled so you can imagine my joy when they turned out to be three of Ed Bowman's airchecks from 1961. All were scoped and I recorded them as they are, scratchy, noisy and all. The seller lives in Indianapolis and owns a record store. A friend gave him these records after buying them at a garage sale. No more is known about them.

"The quality on these airchecks is interesting. Whether these were recorded straight out of the board or not, I do not know. It is obvious that the spots, jingles and talent were not equalized, thus some spots are very muffled-sounding, perhaps due to frequent use of the vinyl cuts.

"According to Allen Bryan, these airchecks would have been cut to vinyl from tape, as were all locally-produced promos, and spots. Before cart machines came into use, all the PAMS jingles, etc., were cut onto vinyl ETs (Electrical Transcriptions) and cued up to play on-air. That's why the early WKLO control room had four turntables.

"Listening to these airchecks and realizing that almost everything non-live was on vinyl, helps to appreciate the concentration the DJ had to have in keeping everything cued-up and in order. One disk could hold several cuts and had to be labeled for clarity. And to confuse the DJ, spots, in the early days, could be recorded at 78 rpm or 33 1/3. Allen was also surprised to learn that these airchecks were on ETs and were done, perhaps, for someone who didn't have access to a tape player."

Ed Bowman on December 19, 1959
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12:32 - 4410 KB
Ed Bowman on February 28, 1961
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19:10 - 6739 KB
Ed Bowman on April 6, 1961
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22:36 - 7947 KB
Ed Bowman on May 10, 1961
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21:18 - 7490 KB
Ed Bowman 1959 Promos and Intros
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8:01 - 2821 KB
Bo Brady
Here's Bo in PM Drive in June of 1975.
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5:20 - 1309 KB
Bo does mornings on June 21, 1978.
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5:20 - 1876 KB
Chuck Brady
This late '71 Chuck Brady aircheck also features Eileen Douglas doing news.
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6:16 - 2204 KB
Chuck Brady does mornings for the vacationing Lee Gray in 1972.
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5:59 - 2108 KB
Chuck Brady 1972 #1
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2:33 - 1200 KB
Chuck Brady 1972 #2
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4:56 - 2318 KB
Chuck Brady 1972 #3
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9:28  - 4439 KB
Chuck Brady does PM Drive in February 1972.
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 5:38 - 1983 KB
Dick Braun
Dick plays the hits in July, 1971.
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3:27 - 2897 KB
Allen Bryan
Allen does a WKLO afternoon
newscast in 1961
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8:14 - 2897 KB
Allen DJs a Sunday evening shift
on January, 13 1963.
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16:14 - 5712 KB
Allen hosts the Coca-Cola Hi-Fi Club live from Holy Rosary Academy in January, 1964.
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12:13 - 4299 KB
Allen does a late morning DJ shift
on January 20, 1964.
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4:10 - 1468 KB
Bob Cline
Bob Cline does nights on March 8, 1976
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26:01 - 9150 KB
B.C. in the nighttime on March 30, 1976
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22:17 - 7835 KB
Bob Cline in the afternoon on July 4, 1976
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26:26 - 9296 KB
Wolfman Jack drops in on this 8/76 aircheck.
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23:42 - 8334 KB
It's Derby Day 1977 and WKLO is all over it with Bob Cline on the board and live reports from Churchill Downs from Lee Gray and Bo Brady.
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7:28 - 2630 KB
Bob Cline plays the hits on Number One WKLO after the big race on Derby Day 1977.
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14:28 - 5089 KB
Bob Cline fills in for Bo Brady on PM drive on the first day of summer in 1977.
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24:12 - 8512 KB
It's August 17, 1977: the day after Elvis died. Hear how Bob Cline handled the late morning shift on WKLO that emotional day.
Also heard are newspeople Jess Peterson and Shirley Smith.
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36:20 - 12,778 KB
Jack Crawford
Jack Crawford counts down the top 100 WKLO hits of 1970
in this three-part December 31, 1970 aircheck.
Part 1
21:19 - 7494 KB
Part 2
19:12 - 6752 KB
Part 3
19:22 - 6812 KB

Mark Elliot
Mark plays PAMS' Memory Bank game in 1971.
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3:33 - 1251 KB
Here's Mark in February 1972.
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4:00 - 1407 KB
Mark Elliot 1972 #1
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3:56 - 1844 KB
Mark Elliot 1972 #2
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:27 - 215 KB
Mark Elliot 1972 #3
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3:33 - 1667s KB
Tim England
Midday aircheck from 1978
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3:40 - 1720 KB
PM Drive aircheck from 1978
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4:50 - 2268 KB
Tim does nights on June 21, 1978.
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2:29 - 653 KB
Tim does middays on November 16, 1978.
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2:38 - 930 KB
Tim hosts Kentuckiana Week In Review with Woody Stiles and Angie Murray (April 19, 1979).
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29:30 - 13,832 KB

Tim England writes: "This is a weekly show the new department put together recapping the news. This show and doing the 'Question Man' series were my first two assignments for WKLO News. With 'Question Man,' I would choose a question of the day and go out onto the River City Mall (4th Street) and get opinions. I'd then edit them for inclusion in the newscasts. Here, though, is Kentuckiana Week in Review. In it, you'll hear reports from all of those in the newsroom at the time."

Tim's last WKLO DJ shift on April 21, 1979
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12:52 - 6039 KB

Tim England writes: "I wanted to be full-time in the newsroom where I had been doing part-time work for about six months. Finally, I got my wish, but as they say 'Be careful what you wish for.' The owner of the station group, Charles Sawyer, died and the new management team that took over decided that emphasizing news was not the direction they wanted to take. The newsroom was reduced from 7 to 3 people, and I was among those told to do something else. I was offered an option to submit a tape for deejaying again, but I wasn't interested. I was ready to leave, which I did two years to the day of my starting there."

Jack Gallo and Ken Douglas
Jack and Ken do all-requests in June, 1965.
(The songs have been scoped but all commercials and Steve Baron's newscast are intact.)
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33:03 - 11,620 KB
Jack Gallo and Ken Douglas do the all-request evening show in July of 1965.
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13:51 - 4872 KB
Lee Gray
Lee Gray in the nighttime in December, 1967.
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10:55 - 3839 KB
Here's Lee doing nights on January 22, 1968.
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20:24 - 7176 KB
This 1968 off-the-board aircheck is from the last 30 minutes of Lee Gray's first WKLO tour. Only the music has been scoped; all commercials and production elements are intact.
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20:47 - 7308 KB
Here's a Lee Gray early '70s Christmas piece.
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4:40 - 1643 KB
Mr. Gray serves up the hits in '72.
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4:32 - 2126 KB
Lee wakes up Big Lou in February 1972.
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7:14 - 2548 KB
Lee Gray does morning drive in 1972.
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6:21 - 2237 KB
This aircheck came from the skimmer tape Lee ran on September 9, 1976. It contains nearly every break from that show, including bits with newsperson Shirley Smith.
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39:22 - 13,845 KB
Barney Groven
Here's Barney on Saturday morning, October 8, 1960.
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12:07 - 4260 KB
Fleetwood Gruver
Fleetwood does Sunday afternoon on October 13, 1974
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27:29 - 9673 KB

Mac  Hunter
Here's the Hitman on a Sunday in the Summer of '77, complete
with reports from the Kentucky State Fair by Jackson Smith.
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13:54 - 4888 KB
Charlie Knox
Charlie does middays on Radio WKLO in January 1966.
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13:26 - 4726s KB
Ron Lake
Ron Lake - December 1973
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2:05 - 983 KB
Ron Lake 1974 Aircheck #1
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17:35 - 6183 KB
Ron Lake 1974 Aircheck #2 
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4:31 - 1591 KB
Ron Lake 1974 Aircheck #3
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9:27 - 3327 KB
Ron Lake 1974 Aircheck #4
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8:14 - 2899 KB
Robert E. Lee
Here's a short Robert E. Lee aircheck from 1975.
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:35 - 207 KB
Shotgun Sam Lee
 Shotgun on a Sunday in January, 1975.
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3:06 - 1091 KB
It's Sam's last show on June 12, 1975.
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15:51 - 5577 KB
Brother Bill Love
Brother Love boogies in late 1971.
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14:25 - 5071 KB
Bill Love does nights in 1972.
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8:06 - 2851 KB
"The King Bee buzzes around your hive" in January 1972.
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1:58 - 926 KB
Brother Love gets down in February 1972.
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3:45 - 1319 KB
Here's Brother Love from June 8, 1972.
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5:04 - 1784 KB
Listen to BL on middays in November, 1972.
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5:44 - 2016 KB
Bill Love does mornings in 1972.
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7:10 - 2524 KB
Johnny Locke
Johnny counts down the Top 10 songs of 1970 during the first hour of 1971. 
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10:39 - 4994 KB
Bob Lyons
Bob does morning drive on June 7, 1961, with news from Ken Roland. 
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14:25 - 5071 KB
Bob sits in for Paul Cowley on the September 6, 1961 evening show.
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47:12 - 22,131 KB
Here's a great quality aircheck of the "Lyons Den" from January 1962.
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8:55 - 4184 KB
Bob fills in for Paul Cowley on the evening show in November 1963.
Download Part 1
15:11 - 5342 KB
Download Part 2
15:15 - 5366 KB
Chuck Lyons
Chuck Lyons was the alter ego of WKLO engineer Pete Boyce. Occasionally in the 1960s he would be pressed into service to DJ from the WKLO transmitter site.
Chuck Lyons 1965 Aircheck #1
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9:27 - 3327 KB
Chuck Lyons 1965 Aircheck #2
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6:38 - 2335 KB
Chuck Lyons plays the hits on February 13, 1967.
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23:02 - 8101 KB
Dan Mason
Future CBS Radio President Dan Mason plays the 1080 in '74.
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2:44 - 1287 KB
WHAS Radio's Terry Meiners interviews Dan Mason on June 8, 2012.
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5:18 - 1867 KB
Tom Maxedon
Tom Maxedon does news on WKLO in 1964.
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1:41 - 596 KB
Ty Meredith
Ty Meredith 1972 Newscast #1
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2:38 - 1239 KB
Ty Meredith 1972 Newscast #2
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4:06 - 1929 KB
Ty Meredith 1973 Newscast
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5:04 - 2376 KB
Chances are you're familiar with Byron MacGregor's #1 Hit "The Americans".
But have you heard WKLO's parody "The Peytonians"? Ty Meredith did it.
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3:29 - 1633 KB
Mitch Michael
Go, go, go with "The Mighty Mitch" in 1966.
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2:31 - 887 KB
Mitch fills in on morning drive in August, 1967.
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8:32 - 3004 KB
Here's the first hour of Mitch's final regular WKLO show on May 16, 1967. All songs have been scoped but everything else (including the commercials) is intact.
Download Part 1
17:41 - 6219 KB
Download Part 2
16:02 - 5638 KB
Here's the third hour of Mitch's last regular WKLO show on May 16, 1967. The songs have been scoped but everything else (including spots) remains.
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18:24 - 6469 KB
Download Part 2
13:58 - 4911 KB
Wild Willy Mitchell
Wild Willy cooks on 'KLO in the nighttime in the Summer of 1967.
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7:09 - 2518 KB
Willy Mitchell fills in for Bill Love in May, 1972.
Download #1

5:45 - 2023 KB
Willy Mitchell fills in for Bill Love in May, 1972..
Download #2

8:21 - 2937 KB
Johnny Randolph
Here's a JR break from 1965.
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:29 - 171 KB
JR does a Sunday afternoon in early '66.
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8:23 - 2950 KB
JR plays the hits in the Summer of 1966.
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2:18 - 810 KB
Listen to Johnny Randolph doing nights in '66.
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5:46 - 2033 KB
This JR aircheck is from August 1966.
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8:02 - 2829 KB
Rip Rinehart
Rip does middays on the first day
of Summer in 1978.
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2:29 - 877 KB
This February 1979 aircheck has Rip doing middays during the last days of WKLO.
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14:29 - 5097 KB
Al Risen
Al fills in on PM Drive for CTW in December, 1967 with news from J. Paul Roberts.
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23:26 - 8239 KB
Jim Rivers
Here's Jim Rivers doing PM Drive in Fall 1971.
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4:58 - 1751 KB
Mike Rivers
Here's Mike in late 1972.
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2:21 - 829 KB
Mike Rivers cooks in early 1973.
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5:07 - 1803 KB
Mike Rivers does PM Drive in 1973.
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1:17 - 452 KB
Mike Rivers plays the hits in 1973.
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4:06 - 1927 KB
J. Paul Roberts
This is a complete morning newscast (complete with commercial) from 1968.
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5:12 - 1833 KB
Todd Roberts
This Todd Roberts aircheck is from late 1971.
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1:46 - 624 KB
Todd Roberts plays the hits in '72.
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1:28 - 688 KB
Rusty Rodgers
Rusty on the Radio at night in 1976.
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6:38 - 2337 KB
A composite of Rusty bits from '76, '77 & '79.
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8:30 - 2990 KB
Rusty does nights in the Summer of '77.
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5:10 - 1817 KB
Rusty does PM Drive on June 21, 1978.
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2:29 - 653 KB
Here's Rusty on PM drive in early 1979.
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10:43 - 3773 KB
Rusty does PM drive on March 1, 1979.
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17:39 - 6209 KB
Byron Rohrig
Summer 1970 Newscast #1
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6:06 - 2149 KB
Summer 1970 Newscast #2
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5:13 - 1835 KB
Summer 1970 Newscast #3
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5:56 - 2090 KB
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Newscasts Montage #1
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23:36 - 11,066 KB
Michael Scott Newscasts Montage #2
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28:08 - 13,191 KB
Michael Scott "KLO Communicates" Montage
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29:38 - 13,895 KB
Mark Sebastian
Mark Sebastian (January 1976)
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6:48 - 3191 KB
Mark Sebastian's last WKLO show (February 23, 1976)
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17:34 - 8241 KB
Bob Shannon
Bob Shannon rocks Big Lou in the early afternoon on January 22, 1968.
(Only the songs have been scoped.)
Download Part 1
13:22 - 4700 KB
Download Part 2
13:49 - 4861 KB
Shirley Smith
Here's most of a 5:00 p.m. April 1976 WKLO newscast
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4:37 - 1623 KB
Shirley gets an interview with the legendary John Wayne
and provides this background:

"This interview I did during the Kentucky Derby week steam boat race. I think it was 1976 or '77...End of April.

"I was reporter for WKLO, sent to the top of the Belle of Louisville to do reports from there. You won't believe it (well maybe you will), but KLO didn't have or want to spend a lot of money on frivolous things like walkie talkies, etc. for the news people, so an engineer there constructed a wooden box with a rope handle and put an automobile battery inside it. That was my power source. I also had to carry a mic, a notebook, a pen, a recorder, extra tapes, etc. Heaviest damn thing I ever had to lug around. And I'm little...just 5 feet tall. And that was when mini-skirts were in. Try to handle all that and hold your skirt down in a high wind on the river. I am woman, hear me roar!!

"Well, I was standing on top of the Belle out of the sun next to the pilot house when a wooden window slides open and John Wayne leans out with a drink in his hand and honest to God says, 'Well hi there little lady.' So, I proceeded to interview him and talk to him. You can hear the paddle wheel churning in the background and all his entourage (Derby festival folk no doubt) guffawing at him like groupies.

"A few minutes later this very young rookie cop came over acting like he was going to save my virtue from a dirty old man. I politely tried to shoo him off and I would handle my virtue and my cool interview in my own way!!

"And, then as several of us on top of the boat were later milling around up there I noticed this (also young, but wow, weren't we all?) WAKY reporter kept following John Wayne around up there, with his microphone poised. He never asked him anything, but just kept following him around like he thought John Wayne was going to miraculously start spouting out, 'Keep it on WAKY!'"

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:43 - 257 KB
Jack Sorbi
Here's the 11:00 a.m. January 22, 1968 hour of Jack Sorbi.
(All songs are scoped but everything else is heard, including news from Allen Bryan.)
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32:46 - 11,521 KB
Jonathan Stone
Jonathan Stone 1972 Aircheck #1
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:52 - 409 KB
Jonathan Stone 1972 Aircheck #2
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2:30 - 1175 KB
Jonathan Stone 1972 Aircheck #3
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4:41 - 2197 KB
This aircheck is from June 8, 1972.
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1:27 - 511 KB
Jonathan cooks in early 1973.
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2:54 - 1024 KB
Carl Strandell
Carl jocks an oldies weekend circa 1970
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4:35 - 2154 KB
Robert Paul Westpheling
Here are clips from two Spring 1970 newscasts, complete with a bit of DJ Jim Rivers.
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1:56 - 681 KB
Dave White
Dave delivers the news in 1974.
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5:45 - 2695 KB
Carl Truman Wiglesworth
Here's CTW doing early afternoons in early '66.
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16:37 - 5847 KB
Carl drives 'em home in August 1967.
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6:32 - 2302 KB
CTW does PM drive on January 22, 1968. Reed Yadon takes care of news.
Download Part 1
15:11 - 5342 KB
Download  Part 2
17:39 - 6206 KB
Here's CTW doing the Kentuckian Countdown in 1968, complete with Reed Yadon on news.
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8:31 - 2995 KB
This off-the-air CTW recording from 1968 has all spots and newscasts intact.
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8:57 - 3151 KB
This brief CTW aircheck is from June 19, 1970.
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1:22 - 480 KB
Johnny Williams
The aircheck contains the first few and last few breaks of Johnny Williams final WKLO show in  1973. (Notice the home-brewed jingles -- a direct rip-off of TM's "Shockwave" package. They were produced in the WKLO basement production studio by Mike Rivers.)
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2:55 - 1030 KB
J.J. Wright
J.J. does overnights on the Big 1080 in February 1972.
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5:31 - 1940 KB
Terry Young XM Radio Tributes
Every Friday on the Terry Young Show on XM Satellite Radio Channel 6, he pays tribute to a great top 40 radio station from the 1960s. On December 10, 2004 the station was WKLO. This live show featured WKLO jingles and airchecks, interviews with Mitch Michael and Wild Willy, and lots of local Louisville references.

A scoped aircheck from the first hour is presented here -- in stereo!
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14:40 - 6875 KB
Wild Willy Interview
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6:40 - 2348 KB
Mitch Michael Interview
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6:34 - 2314 KB
All four unscoped hours of the first XM WKLO Tribute are available from Vuolo Video
On Friday, December 8, 2006 Terry Young Show did another tribute to WKLO on XM Radio's "Sixties on Six" channel. As with the first WKLO XM tribute, this live, five-hour show featured WKLO jingles and airchecks, as well as many local Derby City references.
Hour 1 Scoped
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19:28 - 6846 KB
Hour 2 Scoped
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22:18 - 7841 KB
Hour 3 Scoped
Download It!
16:18 - 5733 KB
Hour 4 Scoped
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25:28 - 9132 KB
Hour 5 Scoped
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29:00 - 10,198 KB
A third WKLO tribute was done on Friday, June 20, 2008. Once again, "Sixties on Six" DJ Terry Young mixes in lots of WKLO jingles and airchecks, plus many local Louisville references.
Part 1 Scoped
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36:08 - 16,943 KB
Part 2 Scoped
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29:30 - 13,830 KB
Part 3 Scoped
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29:02 - 13,616 KB
Part 4 Scoped
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24:29 - 11,484 KB
The End of WKLO and WCSN
Here's a scoped version of the final 90 minutes or so of WCSN (May 15, 1979).

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Thanks to Rip Rinehart for sharing these two items, as well as providing their descriptions.

This aircheck is the last few minutes of WKLO-AM as a legal entity. This would have been a few weeks after we started calling ourselves "KJ-100" on both AM and FM, but still had to do legal IDs as "WKLO-AM, WCSN-FM, Louisville." As of midnight on whatever night this was, WKLO-AM officially became WKJJ-AM. The voice you hear is Horace Roth, the station's national accounts manager, who had been around approximately forever and whose raspy voice was quite distinctive, to say the least.

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This aircheck captures the last few minutes of the FM side's automated beautiful music format, including one of my smooth-as-Cheez-Whiz "sunshine melodies of WCSN" drop-ins. (WCSN was the descendent of WKLO-FM.) A few more seconds of elevator music follows but then gets abruptly cut off by consultant E. Alvin Davis promising that "if you loved the sunshine sounds we've been doing for years here, you're gonna be crazy about this...welcome to JJ-100." And then "Renegade" by Styx.

I still remember the angry phone calls from WCSN fans who drifted off to sleep the night before to Percy Faith and Mantovani, only to be jarred awake the next day by Led Zeppelin and Foreigner. It's weird to hear E. Alvin refer to "JJ-100," since shortly after that the decision was made to go with KJ-100 instead.

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